So, I thought Jozi was the place for me, but after a weirdly exhilarating weekend in the Cape I have decided its not just Jozi that captures the excitement within me and make me want to live loudly, but any city.

Although CSF is my hearts home, I seek more. To live and make something out of my life, I need excitement and a little drama. I need a little bit of fast pace living. Its like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, you know you want to and whats good for you, but at the same time, you wonder wtf is holding me back… do i need a shrink?????? But I have been going back and forth about moving away for so long now Im narrowing it down to a cake of fear of the unknown and procrastination. It is time.

So, my new aspiration (which changes on a weekly basis at the moment) is CT bound in Jan next year. Take it with two hands, shake it around a bit, explore all the corners and have some fun! 2014…. 🙂

Ps- The pic is of me and boyfriend in long street.

You never know …

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.- Bob Marley

I have always wantedd to start a blog, but never really knew what to write about even though so much is happening in my life! Life is busy and its difficult to see the people you want to see and do the things you want to do unless you make time. SO I am making time to write a blog as often as I can and use it not only to connect with others but to keep track and use it as a diary I can one day, hopefully look back on. Just to put every one on track- my busy life now consists of- Dads Cancer, Moving in with boyfriend, Finding a job, Finishing Thesis, Keeping friends close friends close that have already moved in with boyfriend, found a job and finished their thesis.